Our Process

Choosing a tattoo is difficult enough without adding the search for the perfect artist! Thankfully, we've mastered the process of planning and executing amazing tattoos with the input of our clients. It all starts with the initial tattoo consultation, and we'll guide you from there.

We recommend researching which artist you would like to have work done by prior to scheduling a consultation.  You can find our artists’ portfolios at the studio, on Facebook and Instagram, as well as right here on our website.  Every artist has their strengths and preferred styles, though all our artists are very adaptable.

Some artists have longer waiting periods than others due to volume and years of accumulated clientele.  For large and multi-session tattoos, the waiting period may be as short as a couple weeks, to as long as a year or more.  Please understand that with only so many hours in a day, your artist can only complete so much.  Trust us, each of our artists are worth the wait.  We do not take our trade lightly, as you are forever a walking, talking canvas representing the work of your artist.

With the exception of walk-in tattoos (give us a call if you're interested in a walk-in; we'll give you the up-to-the-minute availability), the process leading up to your tattoo appointment includes an initial consultation to discuss your ideas, followed by a drawing consultation to review what we’ve designed for you.  We recommend scheduling your initial consultation in advance, to ensure your preferred artist is both in the building and available to chat with you.  We can always do a walk-in consultation; calling ahead just shortens your wait time, and eliminates the risk of your artist not being available.

During your consultation, your artist will meet with you to take detailed notes of your vision, take any photo reference you have, and give you recommendations of how best to translate your idea into a beautiful tattoo.  We may also take a photo of the location on your body you’d like to be tattooed.  Please be as clear and precise as possible!  Tattoo designs require a large amount of time researching, planning, and sketching. It can take more time to prepare than the application of the tattoo itself, and we’d hate to invest hours into a design only to find out the client has failed to give us vital details, leading to a complete redesign.  The situation just described will most likely lead to the loss of a deposit since the deposit is an investment in the specific tattoo described to us.  Unfortunately, we are not mind-readers and have no way of knowing in advance if the time we put in will be for naught.

It’s a good idea to bring photo reference of what you like, and even what you don’t like, to ensure you and your artist are on the same page.  For larger tattoos and cover-ups, we will also take photos of the future placement, so we can design the tattoo to properly form to your body.  Finally, we’ll have you fill out a waiver, copy your ID, and take a deposit.  Deposits range from 50-100 dollars depending on the size of the tattoo and amount of appointments scheduled.  Note that the deposit is not a payment for your artwork nor the consultation itself:  The deposit is a down payment on your tattoo, and will come off the final cost upon completion.

At the end of your consultation, you’ll leave with a card for the future drawing appointment, and a receipt for your deposit, for your personal records.  The drawing appointment is pretty straight forward.  We’ll show you what we came up with, take notes of any requested alterations, and depending on the amount of changes being done, we may or may not schedule you a second drawing consultation to see the changes.  The sketch is not a complete, full color rendering of your tattoo, as that is unnecessary at this stage and takes time away from the tattoo appointments scheduled that same day.  However, with complex tattoos (sleeves, back pieces, etc.) we often schedule two drawing appointments off the bat so we can discuss the design in progress.  As you can imagine, large tattoos require a lot of planning, and we don’t want to put in too much time on a drawing until we know we’re on the right path.

Do not be afraid to make changes to your design.  We don’t want to put anything on you that you’re not in love with.  Also, please let us know in advance of your drawing consultation if you’re changing placement or content.  Completely changing up the idea will result in the forfeiture of your deposit, since the artist has already invested a great deal of time into design.