Welcome to Davidian's Supplementary Blog!

Here on Blogger you'll find additional information about our studio!  Flip through and you'll find details about how were operate here at Davidian, what to expect during your tattoo appointment, our studio policies, and directions for properly caring for your fresh tattoo.

Tattoo studios are all unique, and Davidian is no exception.  Although we do take walk-ins, there is a generalized procedure we like to follow when it comes to scheduling consultations, drawings, and ultimately the tattoo appointment itself.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have, whether through email, phone call, or just stopping in.  You can also contact the studio by texting 484-GOONIES.  We only take tattoo appointments in person, as we require a cash deposit and a thorough consultation for custom tattoos.  Check out the site, peruse the artists' portfolios, and as always let us know how we can help!